Can you be a high sensation seeking introvert?
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Is it possible to be both highly sensation seeking AND an introvert?

If you’ve done much research into what introversion actually is, you might have also come across terms like ‘highly sensitive person’ or have read that introverts are more sensitive to stimulus in the environment than the more extroverted humans among us.
You might have even come across the term ‘high sensation seeking’ and got wildly confused because how can someone super sensitive to sensation ALSO be a bit of a sensation junky??
But this is where the science-backed brain studies and pop psychology folklore gets muddled – and in this week’s episode of the Creative Introvert Podcast, I’m going to clear this confusion up – once and for all!
Or at least attempt to 😉

I discuss:

  • What’s actually going on in the brain of an introvert
  • The problems with the original Big 5 model
  • Are introverts ‘broken’?
  • The test that identifies what type of introvert you are
  • What it means to be a HSP (highly sensitive person)
  • What it means to be a HSS (high sensation seeker)
  • Tips for managing the less helpful sides of these traits
  • Can you be all of these at once… or am I an extrovert!?


  • Dr Tracy Cooper
  • Tips for a HSS HSP
  • The STAR test
  • Ken Carter
  • Elaine Aron
  • The Big Five Model