Jasmine Star Interview

In this week’s episode of the Creative Introvert podcast I talk to Jasmine Star – photographer, branding expert and all round SUPERSTAR!

Today’s podcast guest is someone who I’m sure most of you will be familiar with – like myself, you might know her from her beautiful Instagram feed or might have heard her incredible and moving story of how she took a massive leap of faith when she switched career from law school student to photographer or may be you’re learning from her excellent advice on all things branding, social media and online creative business.
Other than being outgoing introverts, we also share something else in common… we both prefer to use our first and middle names!
Just in case you wondered…

Quote-Jasmine Star

What we discussed:

  • Advice for being ‘on’ as an introvert
  • Asking for grace to protect your time
  • The advantages of being an introvert in business
  • The introvert’s advantage at a networking event
  • The waiting in line trick
  • Answering ‘so what do you DO?’
  • How to overcome doubts and fear of failure
  • Confidence as a result not a prerequisite
  • The overnight success myth
  • How to let the haters lose their power
  • The airplane trick
  • What Jasmine is struggling with

 Quote-Jasmine Star

Links Mentioned:

Jasmine’s blog post on how to network for introverts
Angela Duckworth
Fixed vs Growth Mindset
Einstein documentary
My Social Curator



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Quote-Jasmine Star