How to grow your business as an introvert

In this week’s episode of the Creative Introvert podcast I talk to my good friend and fellow introvert in business, Sarah Santacroce.

We talk about introvert retreats, masterminds, why it is introverts find it so hard to ask for help and I talk about the bridging process and making things a habit as a way to conquer anything that scares you.
On that note it was this call with Sarah that actually prompted my to take on a 30 day challenge to make a FB live video every day!
So as I record this intro I’m halfway through the challenge and so far so good – the League of Creative Introverts have been subjected to seeing my mug pop up every week day for the last fortnight in the private Facebook group.
Honestly? I’m kind of almost enjoying it now, now that I’ve made it a habit.


What we discussed:

  • Sarah’s experience at a recent business retreat (being an introvert spending a week with others!)
  • What inspired Sarah to start a podcast and take a pivot in her LinkedIn business
  • Why LinkedIn is so perfect for introverts
  • The difference between selling ourselves vs selling our expertise
  • How introverts struggle with asking for help
  • The self-talk Sarah uses to reach out and ask for help
  • How to use our purpose to give us confidence
  • The importance of being a great audience member
  • The value of masterminds and events for introverts

Links Mentioned:

Sarah’s podcast
Start With Why – Simon Sinek
Why introverts struggle to ask for help
Women Don’t Ask – Linda Babcock
Marie Forleo’s spotlight method
Beth Buelow – being a great audience member
Sarah’s Introvert Business Retreat
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