Ruby Ruth Dolls

In this episode of The Creative Introvert podcast I interview Jenny Mustill of Ruby Ruth Dolls.

Todays guest is the first I’ve actually met in real life before asking to come on the show. I basically pounced on Jenny when I found out she makes and sells real tangible products!
This is something that I’ve dabbled in myself, when I was more focussed on my pet portraiture business – purely as an excuse to draw animals and make some money on the side.
But I know how much work goes into producing anything physical – there’s no undo button, you can’t just go and restore a backup you made earlier.
Plus there’s the added challenge that makers and crafters face when selling their work at markets and craft shows and such – I did a bit of this but the introvert in me had a hard time with being around so many people all day long.
Anyway, I talk to Jenny, creator of Ruby Ruth dolls, which are completely handmade partly from recycled jumpers bought in charity shops in my neck of the woods, Brighton, England.


We discuss:

  • How Jenny got started making dolls from a market stall with friends
  • Her background as a fine artist and working with Damien Hirst
  • Difficulties makers face at market stalls
  • How Jenny got her dolls stocked in retail stores
  • How much time goes into planning new characters for her collection
  • What Jenny wish she’d known before starting out
  • Jenny’s daily routine
  • Which social media platform suits introverts best

Links mentioned:

Ruby Ruth Dolls


Connect with Jenny:

Website: rubyruthdolls.com
Instagram: @rubyruthdolls
Facebook: /rubruthdolls


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