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In this episode of The Creative Introvert podcast I interview Meg Kissack of That Hummingbird Life.

Meg Kissack is a fellow Brit and blogger behind That Hummingbird Life and the host of The Couragemakers – a podcast that has had me nearly in tears while grocery shopping!
I adore Meg’s approach on living life to it’s fullest, and in a totally bull-shit free that feels true to you. We talk about all sorts: from Megs disillusionment with her dream job to dealing with burnout to dealing with people in your life who don’t quite support or even understand what the heck you do.

We discuss:

  • Meg’s disillusionment with her dream job
  • The difficulties we have in trying to relax and ‘turn off’
  • Paying attention to yourself (a non-negotiable!)
  • Not worrying about the ‘how’ and just having faith it will work itself out
  • The creative entrepreneurs struggle of having a ‘complex’ job description
  • Feeling ungrateful when life isn’t feeling right for us
  • The ‘post-excitement slump’ after sharing an idea with someone
  • When is the best time to share an idea?
  • Dealing with burnout
  • Self-care (not the Instagram-friendly kind!)
  • Doing what lights you up
  • Storytelling anxiety
  • Meg’s awesome rant about story exploitation

Links mentioned:

Expectation Hangover – Christine Hassler
Intuitive types vs Sensing types
56 Things to do that aren’t reading the news
The Middlefinger Project
Sapiens – Yuval Noah Harari

Connect with Meg:

Website: thathummingbirdlife.com
Podcast: The Couragemakers 
Twitter: @megkissack


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