Martin Stellar

In this episode of The Creative Introvert podcast I interview Martin Stellar – the monk for entrepreneurs.

Martin Stellar is one of the few people, next to Seth Godin, whose emails I actually look forward to getting: they are always weirdly timely to whatever I’m going through in my creative business life.
He specialises in business coaching for artists, and on more than one occasion they’ve inspired me to take action or solve a problem that otherwise would have rotted away in the recesses of my mind.
So in our chat we talk about taking action on scary things, pushing our comfort zone, listening to our intuition, Martin’s daily walking ritual and I also agree to take on a challenge Martin sets me – tune in to find out what it is….

martinHere’s what we cover:

  • How 12 years in a monastery impacted Martin’s business
  • Martin’s advice for knowing what scary challenges to take on
  • The one about the dog food
  • How walking helps overthinking introverts (like me)
  • What Martin wish he’d started doing earlier in his career

Connect with Martin:

Website: Martinstellar.com
Twitter: @martinstellar


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