In this episode of The Creative Introvert podcast I explain what the introvert’s dilemma is – and how to deal with it.

Part of being a functioning human in society does require… other people.
That’s the introvert dilemma I’m talking about.
This podcast episode is all about how introverts do indeed need other people – not that we simply tolerate others, not that we do our best to live alongside our fellow sapiens: but that we actually NEED the company of others and the support, input and inspiration that we can ONLY get from other people.

Here’s what I cover:

  • How I discovered my ‘need’ for people
  • What I learned from an intensive period of networking
  • My 11 tips for balancing people time with alone time
  • How to figure out what we need to know
  • Why accountability works – even if you’re self-motivated
  • The attitude to adopt for any networking event
  • Who you should and shouldn’t ask for help from
  • My weapon of choice for forming new connections
  • One thing I’ll admit extroverts do better than us!
  • 4 GOYA* Action Steps

*GOYA: Get Off Your Arse

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