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In this episode of The Creative Introvert podcast I explain my process for getting sh*t done when you’re a creative introvert.

I love talking about big things. Big dreams, big ideas, big plans.
But I’ve noticed that the majority of these conversations tend to peter out the same way.
With something to the effect of ‘Ahh but I just don’t have the time.’
Or ‘I’ve tried in the past but gave up because it took up too much time.’
And before I pull out the quote ‘Beyonce has the same number of hours in a day to you’ which is true but not helpful – I just want to preface this podcast with letting you know I was THE laziest kid in the world.
Really: I remember being asked in school how many hours of TV I watched a day – and my answer came out 2 hours above the majority of the class.
My mum had to stop taking me to ballet classes because I refused to give up my Saturday morning cartoons – specifically, I believe it clashed with Rocko’s Modern Life.
Anyway, getting sh*t done does NOT come easily to me: it’s something I’ve tried really hard over the years to master and I still struggle with it today.
Who doesn’t?
But because I’m so bloody lazy, I’ve managed to – over the years – devise crafty ways to make tackling the to-do list as easy as humanly possible.
Part of my success I believe, involves knowing as much as I can about my personality type; my preferences, my tendencies – and using that knowledge to shape how I tackle any task.
I really think this is key: and as I go through these 4 steps I’m about to lay out I’ll keep referring to ways you can use your own knowledge about yourself, whether it’s your introversion, extroversion, whether you’re an early bird or a nigh owl – all that stuff – to really tailor these strategies to you – and ultimately, get sh*t done.

Here’s what I cover:

  • Why you don’t need to get up earlier to get more done
  • How to create your own tailor-made, energising morning routine
  • The tools that make getting sh*t done easier than making toast
  • Why one productivity tip does NOT suit all – and how to find what works for you
  • How to choose your ONE thing to focus on
  • How to task stack to make your day flow
  • A visual (and fun) approach to dealing with incoming tasks
  • How to shift your thinking around taking breaks
  • The best way to take breaks without feeling you’re wasting time
  • My daily, weekly and monthly routine for deciding what to work on next
  • 4 GOYA* Action Steps

*GOYA: Get Off Your Arse

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I also put together this interactive workbook that will help guide you through the exercises I outline in the show.
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I really hope you enjoy the episode, and of course I’d appreciate any feedback on these early shows.
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