The best way I've found to set goals I actually stick to >>

In this episode of The Creative Introvert podcast I explain my brainwave idea for setting kinesthetic goals.

Ok so… before you jump to the conclusion that this is yet another attempt to drill in the overused acronym about setting SMART goals: I promise it’s not that.
It’s something I cooked up last week in an early morning walk and I was so deliriously excited about it I had to turn back and run home to write it all down before I forgot it.
And maybe I’m not the only person who has approached goal setting in this way, but it’s new to me and even in the short time I’ve been dabbling with it; it has made a huge difference in how I act and feel on a daily basis, so I’m really excited to share it with you.
The way I’m going to lay this out for you is by first explaining the problem with traditional goals and goal setting, I’ll explain a bit about why certain strategies work for some not for others (spoiler alert: you aren’t unmotivated or lazy necessarily) and finally we’ll wrap up with my step-by-step kinesthetic goal setting approach.


Here’s what I cover:

  • What the problem is with traditional goal setting
  • Why SMART goals didn’t work for me
  • Why it isn’t lack of motivation that stops us achieving what we want
  • How our motivation varies between tasks
  • How to set goals that align with our core values
  • What the heck I mean by ‘kinesthetic’ goal setting
  • 4 GOYA* Action Steps

*GOYA: Get Off Your Arse

Links mentioned:

CIP004-Kinesthetic Goal Setting
I also put together this interactive workbook that will help guide you through the exercises I outline in the show.
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I really hope you enjoy the episode, and of course I’d appreciate any feedback on these early shows.
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