In this episode of the Creative Introvert podcast we have fellow Cat, fellow ginger and fellow INTJ: Cat Paterson. Business strategist extraordinaire, Cat has a super interesting background, which includes heading up intelligence analysis for a covert agency… and it makes total sense as to why she’s a personality profiling geek, like me.
Apologies for the airplane sound effects – that was 100% my fault, it’s just one of the side effects of recording this podcast while I’m travelling…

What we discussed:

  • How different types of introvert deal with conflict
  • How Cat turned a health condition into an opportunity
  • How to lay down boundaries and stick with them
  • How Cat started her online business with no pre-existing client base
  • The value of collaboration and referrals in the online business space
  • Why Pinterest is the most introvert-friendly platform

Links mentioned:

Myers-Briggs type indicator
Cat’s website
Youprints Not Blueprints 
Cat’s journals on Amazon
Cat Paterson on Pinterest
Cat Rose on Pinterest


“Where there is chaos and uncertainty, I see opportunity”
“I don’t think you can start a business from scratch and not get a few scabby knees along the way”
“85% of my website traffic comes from Pinterest”

cat paterson


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