Today’s podcast guest is someone who has been on my radar for quite some time in the online social media space – and not just because she used to work for the band Megadeth.

Cara Chace is the CEO of Chace Digital, a Pinterest marketing agency, and the Founder of Pinterest PowerUp, the first Pinterest marketing membership community designed for entrepreneurs.

She loves nothing more than seeing those light bulb moments with her clients and members when they see how Pinterest builds their businesses… except for maybe a good book and another cup of coffee. You can find out more about her at carachace.com.


We discuss:

  • How the internet is giving introverts an opportunity to find ‘their people’
  • How to build online business buddies (and why)
  • What it means to think like a fan (and Cara’s metalhead background!)
  • The advantage and disadvantage of scheduling social media in advance
  • How to create a Pinterest strategy that works for you
  • The importance of repinning other people’s pins
  • Why so many creatives get burned out with social media (and how to avoid that)


Links mentioned:

Pinterest PowerUp
Cara on Pinterest



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