Some of us have known what we wanted to be since we were little rug rats scribbling with crayons. A doctor, a firefighter, an astronaut – for some this has actually come true.

But for the vast majority of us, we’ve floated through life – occasionally drawn to and captivated by something that convinced us that – YES! – we’d found our calling in life.

I know for myself, I’ve gone from wanting to be a ballerina to a coca cola van driver – yes, I grew up loving the sugar water that much – to wanted to be an animator for Disney, and later Studio Ghibli.

All of these vocations and more have come and gone and have in their own way, led me to were I am today.

Now, I’m all for being a creative explorer.
A tinkerer. A dabbler. A multipotentialite. A renaissance man – or woman, to be precise.

But where does our dabbling end, and our focus begin? When can we truly say: we’ve found our calling?

For an arrow to do it’s thing and fly through the air and pierce whatever the archer intended it to, it needs to have a pointy… point.

In a similar way, we start to fly through life with ease when we have a point. That point is what I mean by your calling, your purpose, your ‘why’ – whatever you want to call your calling – it’s the thing – the #1 reason you’re here today, doing what you’re doing.

There is NOTHING as powerful as knowing your calling for fuelling your actions.

Willpower is something we have to manage, like our energy. Like a muscle, it get’s tired out. It gets drained by making decisions, by stress, by lack of sleep, by too much sugar.

But we need willpower to stay on task. To get up every day and go to work to pay the bills to look after the kids to make our businesses thrive, to finish that painting that’s been there for months.

What if we could speed up willpower recovery, or provide ourselves with a second wind?

Well, that’s exactly what knowing our calling can do, and that’s what this episode of the Creative Introvert is going to help you find.

FREEBIE: Find Your Calling Template

Before you dive in to the show, I want to tell you that I’ve made you a template which lists the journal/listening prompts that I mention in the show. You can use these to spark ideas about what your calling might be, and what steps you need to take to fulfil it.

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Resources mentioned:

Playing Big by Tara Mohr


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