Take Your Astrology Practice to the Next Level Without Feeling Like an Imposter

The Astrology Circle

An Online Training Portal & Close-Knit Community

Building an astrology practice is tough – heck, learning astrology in the first place is a mammoth undertaking!

You know you need to gain experience by seeing clients, but then… you need clients to gain experience! Offering readings for free or trying to get your family and friends to ‘let’ you read for them…

1) doesn’t do your service justice and

2) doesn’t pay the cost of that expensive astrology course you took.

And when you DO get to read for someone, you’re left doubting your astrology know-how. How do you know that the reading went well? What would your teacher say about it?

You’re left feeling like an imposter, a fraud and ultimately feel at a loss as to how you’ll ever feel confident in your astrological practice.


Please know this: You’re not alone!

The truth is, there are tonnes of astrologers out there, teaching the craft of astrology, but very few who actually support their students as they develop their practice.

In other words, they’re happy to take your money to teach you the basics, but as soon as the rubber meets the road (as soon as you sit down with an actual querent) your teacher is long gone.

However, this is no reason to put your astrological skills away in a box of forgotten dreams.

In fact, your doubts about your ability to practice astrology professionally are good evidence to suggest that you are a highly conscientious and well-meaning astrologer. One that can help a lot of people who are looking for someone just like you.

The good news is that you can have a thriving, professional astrology practice and do the work you know you were born to do, even if…

  • … You don’t have a load of experience under your belt
  • … You don’t have a big YouTube channel or Instagram or TikTok following
  • … You don’t know every single timing technique down (hello Zodiacal Releasing…)
  • … You don’t have the time to put out free astrology content every day of the week

You can build and grow your astrology practice by realising you have every right to be an astrologer.*

*Start by calling yourself an astrologer!

And the longer you spend on the fence about starting your practice, or developing it further, and the more time you spend learning the craft without taking action and reading for real clients, the longer you will spend wasting your life doing things you don’t love as much as astrology.


The Astrology Circle

An Online Training Portal & Close-Knit Community

Building and growing an astrology practice can take time and effort and money – even if you do have the confidence to hit the ground running. It also takes support, feedback, supervision – all of which are usually omitted by most astrology courses and programs.

I’ve created a community and training portal which is specifically designed to support your journey from the roots of your practice, right up until you’re ready to fly the nest – as a successful, profitable and incredibly talented astrologer.

One big difference is that the Astrology Circle is designed to help you grow your astrology practice month by month — in a very strategic and incremental way.

You won’t just learn techniques, you’ll learn to implement them so that you can confidently take these tools into your readings with clients.

You’ll also get business and marketing strategies that I have learned from the best in the industry, and you’ll learn how to grow your business in a way that doesn’t feel sleazy or not in line with your values.

Because, let’s be honest, even high-value astrology courses throw you a goldmine of information and techniques, but leave you feeling overwhelmed about how to implement it all.

I want you to actually be able to take what you’ve learned into real-life astrology consultations and have clients booking you out months in advance because they know how good you are.

This is why each month, we come together as a community to focus on one small action, broken down into easily achievable steps, that will lead to big leaps in building and growing your astrological practice.

A close-knit community based around support, feedback and encouragement.

Another big difference with The Astrology Circle is that I’ve decided to cap the number of active members at 100.

This is because I know how it feels to be lost in a sea of little boxes on Zoom, with a teacher or community leader who doesn’t know your name, let alone how to help you.

So while I can see the potential for the Astrology Circle growing to thousands of members, for now, I am prioritizing the 1-1 support that I know is needed in order to grow and develop your practice as quickly and easily as possible.

Kind words from the people I’ve worked with…

“Cat was amazing to work with! She was able to decipher what my wants and needs were with my website… Her patience, professionalism and expertise alleviated all of my anxieties when it came to creating an excellent performing and looking website for my business.“

Cam White

“Cat listened to my concerns and delivered exactly what I wanted and needed. As a result, many of my contacts commented on the new look of the website and immediately asked me to refer my website designer to them. Additionally, it functions more smoothly than ever before, saving me time with online bookings and products. I am extremely happy with Cat’s work and would not hesitate to recommend her services.”

Arielle Guttman

“Cat has been one of the most amazing allies I have ever worked with as a regular content creator. She helped to gradually transform my social media presence in the past year into a highly professional platform compared to where it was at when I started. Cat is super smart, professional, timely, honest, and full of great ideas. I honestly don’t know where I would be without her, and I couldn’t recommend her more highly!”

Adam Elenbaas

“Cat has been a dream to work with on various website projects, and she is always super quick and responsive. I can’t recommend her work more highly!”

Chris Brennan

What You Get as a Member

#1 – Monthly Technique / Business Training

Each month, I hold an online class that covers the topic for that month, from astrological techniques to take into your practice, to business strategies that you can use to grow your practice.

Rather than overwhelm you with more information, my goal is to teach you ONE new strategy you can take into your astrology practice and benefit from straight away.


  • Learn astrology techniques in a way that you can take into your practice TODAY
  • Discover marketing strategies used by the biggest names in the astrological world
  • Get easy to digest, instantly actionable tips and tools

#2 – Monthly Chart Workshop and Q&A

In these monthly sessions, you get the opportunity to workshop charts that you bring to the group. If you have any charts that just have you stumped, or want to talk shop and ask questions about your technique and interpretations, the floor is open!


  • Get answers to those questions that stump you about certain charts
  • Receive feedback on chart interpretations for (anonymised and with permission) clients
  • A place to decompress after difficult client consultations

#3 – Live New and Full Moon Circles

A few days before each New and Full Moon we meet to discuss and practice interpreting and forecasting from a mundane astrology perspective.

This is great for building up your astro-vocabulary so that you can take your skills into the wider world, in YouTube videos, social media, journals and magazines and much more.


  • Build your astrological vocabulary to take into readings, social media, blogs and more
  • Get personal interpretations from Cat as to how the lunations will show up in your life

#4 – Astrological Elections & Journal Prompts

Receive Cat’s carefully selected astrological elections (dates and times) each month, that can help you select the most auspicious times to commence a range of activities.

Receive Cat’s journal prompts, designed to help you reflect on and process the astrological weather of each and every month you’re a member!

#5 – Live Monthly Forecast

Each month we gather to look at the astrology for the month ahead. This is another chance to brush up on your astrological lingo, practice interpreting transits, and reflect on how the upcoming planetary weather may play out in your chart.


  • Build your astrological vocabulary to take into readings, social media, blogs and more
  • Get personal interpretations from Cat as to how the monthly transits will show up in your life

#6 – Quarterly Astrology Book Club

Every quarter we vote on a new book to read, holding a quarterly gathering to share notes and discuss what we’ve learned.

This is my personal favourite gathering we take part in, and we’ve read some great books so far!

  • Accountability for reading books that will evolve your astrology practice
  • Connect with the community of likeminded astrologers
  • Discover books you may never have come across
  • Attend even if you haven’t read the book and walk away with valuable insights anyway!

What You’ll Learn

Whether you’re just getting started on your astrological journey, or want to make a living from doing what you love, you’ll be supported in the Astrology Circle. Within the membership, you’ll discover:

How to read a chart

If you’ve been watching YouTube videos, reading books, attending the odd class and still feel like it’s all greek to you – don’t worry! You’ll learn how to put it all together in our fundamentals of astrology classes.

How to feel confident reading charts for clients

With monthly classes on chart reading skills, as well a monthly workshop to study charts that you’ve been working on, you’ll feel your confidence soar in no time. 

How to get clients for your astrology services

Some of you may wish to offer your astrological services to others. Learn practical, effective marketing skills for getting clients in our business classes.

Topics Covered…

October ’22 – How to Use the Phases of the Moon to Amp a Consultation

November ’22 – A Framework for Chart Delineation: Sun, Moon and Rising

December ’22 – A Framework for Chart Delineation: Answering Questions on Specific Topics

January ’23 – A Framework for Chart Delineation: Forecasting Using Predictive Techniques

February ’23 – Triplicity Rulers: What the Three Rulers of Life Tell You

Coming soon…

March ’23 – Progressed Lunations and How to Talk About Long Term Transits

April ’23 – Social Media: What Do You Actually NEED To Do?

May ’23 – Getting Your First 100 Clients: A Step-by-Step Guide

“OK how much is my investment?”

The Astrology Circle is not a free Facebook group designed to sell you stuff, nor is it some overblown $2,000 program you’re going to be paying off for years.

I chose to keep the price accessible for The Astrology Circle, regardless of the amount of value in the community, because let’s be real: starting an astrology practice costs money in books, training, and those donation-based readings don’t exactly pay the bills.

My goal in creating the Astrology Circle has always been to support up-and-coming astrologers, and as soon as they feel ready, to encourage them to leave the community.

The Astrology Circle is $33 per month.

Yes, it is a monthly investment, much like Netflix or Hulu, but here’s the difference:

I don’t want you in the Astrology Circle indefinitely! I want to see you in your astrology business thriving, and sharing what you’ve learned with others.

It’s easy to join, and it’s easy to leave. All you have to do is login to your account, click ‘End Membership, enter your email address and BOOM – your membership is cancelled.

Your Membership Options



per month



per year

Live Monthly Technique / Business Masterclass

Live Moon Circles & Forecasts

Live Astrological Book Club

Monthly Journal Prompts

Monthly Astrological Elections

Astrology Book Club

Live Monthly Technique / Business Masterclass

Live Moon Circles & Forecasts

Live Astrological Book Club

Monthly Journal Prompts

Monthly Astrological Elections

Astrology Book Club


The Pain-Free Cancellation Promise

I KNOW – when you hear “cancel at any time” for a membership you start to wonder – how easy will that be? It can be a long drawn out process, or at the very least a maddening one.

That’s why I have made it genuinely easy in the Astrology Circle to cancel your membership.

All you have to do is login to your account, click ‘End Membership, enter your email address and BOOM – your membership is cancelled.


When you become an Astrology Circle Member and decide within 30 days it isn’t right for you – just let me know and I will refund your payment (yearly or monthly, it doesn’t matter).

Email: hello@catroseastrology.com


I have some extra ‘goodies’ for you inside…

The 5 main elements of the Astrology Circle will get you up and running in your astrology business regardless, but in case you wanted to go a step or heck, a mile further…

I’m also throwing in these bonuses to welcome you into our little cosmic clan! These will make growing your astrology business even easier and faster:

Create Your Own Confidence eBook

Get over the initial hurdles of self doubt, the inner critic, imposter syndrome that stop you taking action in your astrology business

Value: $25 

Get Started with Podcasting Bundle

A step-by-step guide with videos and workbooks to start a podcast, with tech walkthroughs and practical advice for your first 10 episodes.

Value: $497

The Email Answer Online Program

Learn how to connect with big names in various industries and get noticed, skyrocket your reputation, and attract new clients. A 100% introvert friendly strategy to growing your reach and client base!

Value: $997

So, let’s recap…

… When you join The Astrology Circle you get instant access to trainings, interactive workshops, feedback and Q&As, as well as a 24/7 community of like-minds that help you accelerate your astrology practice and grow your sustainable astrology business.

You’ll receive:


  • 7+ hours of live training and workshops each month (value $897 a month)
  • A private online community hosted on a clean, easy to use (and not Facebook!) platform (it’s so beautiful!) (value $495 a month)
  • BONUS: A tried-and-proven formula for getting featured on podcasts, in journals, and becoming seen as an authority (value $997)
  • BONUS: A step-by-step training to start a podcast (introvert-friendly and fun!) (value $497)
  • BONUS: How to Overcome the Blocks that Stop You Taking Action (value $25)
  • … all for just $33 / month!

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t FAQ off just yet!

Do you have a pressing question before joining The Astrology Circle?
Drop me an email and I’ll get back to your within 24 hours: hello@catroseastrology.com

What makes people in the Astrology Circle successful?

I have created a space to learn, take action and grow as an astrologer. I don’t just tell you what to do, I show you – and I provide feedback to boot. Just like Ikea furniture comes with a step-by-step instruction manual for assembling the furniture, you’ll get the same – but with more guidance! Success is available for anyone who takes action.

If I’m just getting started learning astrology, is this membership for me?

Was Antiochus of Athens a Greek? (I mean, yes). If you think you need to have tonnes of clients and experience first, then you are going about it all BACKWARDS. The beautiful thing about the Astrology Circle is that it is designed to support both beginning and experienced astrologers. There’s always room to grow, and there’s no time like the present to make a start.

So yes, even if you’re new to astrology, and haven’t had your first paying client yet, this is 100% for you too!

I’m super busy! Will I have time to make the most out of this membership?

Let me ask you a question: how much time do you spend watching your favourite show each month? How much time do you spend watching your favorite astrologers on YouTube or TikTok? And how much time are you willing to invest in growing a business that allows you to do what you love, that gives you purpose and that allows you to thrive?

The amount of time you can dedicate to the content in the Astrology Circle and taking action is directly proportionate to the amount of success you will see. That said, if you can allow at least 90 minutes a week to dedicate to growing your practice through the Astrology Circle, then you will be making the most out of your membership.

How do I cancel my membership?

I want to make it super easy for you to cancel anytime you want or need to. Simply submit a super short cancellation form in your online account and we’ll get your membership canceled within 24 hours — no questions asked! You’ll continue to have access to all of the membership benefits for the remainder of your billing cycle, but will not be charged any new payments.


What times are the live calls held? Will replays be available?

Calls are held throughout the week, at a range of times to allow as many people in different time zones as possible to attend at least one call live a month.

If you are in the USA, most calls will be held before noon.

If you are in Europe, most calls will be held in the morning afternoon.

If you’re in Australasia, most calls will be held in the evening.

I don’t have a big social media following, will this work for me?

There’s no shame in have a small (or no) social media following. The truth is you don’t need loads of followers or email subscribers to build a client base, or have people signing up to work with you. You’ll learn strategies that will work regardless of the size of your current audience.

What can I expect with I join The Astrology Circle?

When you follow the sign up process, you will receive an email immediately with log in details for the community space.

Feel free to introduce yourself, orient yourself, and check out when our next online meet up is.

If you have any questions at any time in your sign up process, email me: hello@catroseastrology.com

Can I upgrade my monthly plan to an annual plan?

No problem! Just send an email to me at hello@catroseastrology.com and I’ll get you taken care of!


Email: hello@catroseastrology.com to ask your questions!

Why I created this community

Within a year of discovering my love for astrology, I flew nearly 5,000 miles to attend my first ever in-person astrology conference. It was quite an experience, and one that left me convinced that I wanted to dedicate my life to studying this art, and helping others to do the same.

What stayed with me long after the inspiring talks, was the sense of community I felt from being there. These were people who didn’t scoff or look confused when I asked them what their Sun sign was! (And rising sign, and Moon sign…) When I returned home to the UK, I was eager to keep my connection to this community alive. 

Then 2020 happened…

So here we are. The world is changing, and in quite unprecedented and unpredictable ways. Thankfully we have the sky to guide us, but it isn’t easy to do that when you feel alone or unsupported.

In need for a community that met my needs for open discussion, guidance, support and laughter (which we all need right now!) centred around a shared love for astrology, I came to the conclusion that I had to start my own.

I also have Jupiter in the 11th house 😉


If you have any questions about the Astrology Circle, please don’t hesitate to email me: hello@catroseastrology.com