Cat’s Astrology Circle

Join Cat Rose’s Astrology Circle: a community of like-minded astrology enthusiasts and practitioners. Work with the cycles of the wandering stars through regular meetups, tailored guidance and ongoing support.

What You Get as a Member

Live Moon Circles & Forecasts

We have two Moon circles each month, as well as a monthly forecast meetup to discuss the astrology of the month ahead and how it may play out for you.

Book Club

We hold a live online book club each quarter, with an open discussion around an astrology-related book. So far we have read from Liz Greene, Robert Svoboda, Geoffrey Cornelius and more! 

Journal Prompts

Receive Cat’s journal prompts to focus your intentions each month, based on the astrological weather of the month ahead.

Astrological Elections 

Receive Cat’s carefully selected astrological elections (dates and times) each month, that can help you select the most auspicious times to commence a range of activities.

50% off Astrology Consultations

Members who donate monthly benefit from a massive 50% saving on astrology consultations with Cat for the duration of their membership. 

Monthly Masterclass

Each month Cat will teach on an astrological subject, followed by a live Q&A and discussion. Topics will be voted on by members. 

Why I created this community

Within a year of discovering my love for astrology, I flew nearly 5,000 miles to attend my first ever in-person astrology conference. It was quite an experience, and one that left me convinced that I wanted to dedicate my life to studying this art, and helping others to do the same.

What stayed with me long after the inspiring talks, was the sense of community I felt from being there. These were people who didn’t scoff or look confused when I asked them what their Sun sign was! (And rising sign, and Moon sign…) When I returned home to the UK, I was eager to keep my connection to this community alive. 

Then 2020 happened…

So here we are. The world is changing, and in quite unprecedented and unpredictable ways. Thankfully we have the sky to guide us, but it isn’t easy to do that when you feel alone or unsupported.

In need for a community that met my needs for open discussion, guidance, support and laughter (which we all need right now!) centred around a shared love for astrology, I came to the conclusion that I had to start my own.

I also have Jupiter in the 11th house 😉

Upcoming Events

The New Moon in Libra

Friday September 23rd 2022

3pm–4pm UK

Live on Zoom

The Astrology of October

Wednesday September 28th 2022

5pm–6pm UK

Live on Zoom

The Full Moon in Aries

Friday October 7th 2022

10am–11am UK

Live on Zoom

Coming in 2023…

•  Live in-person events
•  Guest lecturers
•  Business classes
•  A marketplace for astrologers
•  Monthly chart analysis workshops


If you have any questions about the Astrology Circle, please don’t hesitate to email me: