The Astrology Circle

Join Cat Rose’s Astrology Circle: a community of like-minded astrology enthusiasts and practitioners. Work with the cycles of the wandering stars through regular meetups, tailored guidance and ongoing support.

It’s not every day that you get to meet someone who is as fascinated by the wandering stars as you are. You might feel isolated in your studies of astrology, you might feel misunderstood, or simply lacking other like-minds to geek out on what Valens really meant in that passage…

The truth is: none of us are orbiting alone.

There are thousands of others out there – just like you and me – who are enamoured with the study of the stars, and want nothing more than to curl up with a good tome on Hellenistic Astrology.

Sure, there are astrology communities out there, but in my experience, they often feel impersonal, out-dated and not set up to support the individual.

It’s easy to feel lost in a sea of faces on a Zoom call.

I created the Astrology Circle as a way to connect – I mean really connect – with my fellow astrologers and astrology enthusiasts from all over the world. The AC is limited to 100 members (including myself) at any one time, and our online meetings are capped at 36 attendees – first come, first served.

The content you’ll find here is tailored to your preferences – if you want a class on fixed stars, I’ll make it happen – even if it means bringing in guests from outside.

Astrologers need practical advice.

I also want this community to be a support group for practicing astrologers. Astrology is my full-time gig, and I support myself solely from readings, classes and book sales. I’d love to share what I’ve learned about the business end of things, as well as give practical assistance grounded in my background in digital marketing and design.

I’ve said enough for now – keep scrolling for more info about the Astrology Circle, or feel free to join us now for less than $1 a day >>

What You Get as a Member

Live Moon Circles & Forecasts

We have two Moon circles each month, as well as a monthly forecast meetup to discuss the astrology of the month ahead and how it may play out for you.

Book Club

We hold a live online book club each quarter, with an open discussion around an astrology-related book. So far we have read from Liz Greene, Robert Svoboda, Geoffrey Cornelius and more!

Journal Prompts

Receive Cat’s journal prompts to focus your intentions each month, based on the astrological weather of the month ahead.

Astrological Elections 

Receive Cat’s carefully selected astrological elections (dates and times) each month, that can help you select the most auspicious times to commence a range of activities.

50% off Astrology Consultations

Members who donate monthly benefit from a massive 50% saving on astrology consultations with Cat for the duration of their membership. 

Monthly Masterclass

Each month Cat will teach on an astrological subject, followed by a live Q&A and discussion. Topics will be voted on by members. 

What You’ll Learn

Whether you’re just getting started on your astrological journey, or want to make a living from doing what you love, you’ll be supported in the Astrology Circle. Within the membership, you’ll discover:

How to read a chart

If you’ve been watching YouTube videos, reading books, attending the odd class and still feel like it’s all greek to you – don’t worry! You’ll learn how to put it all together in our fundamentals of astrology classes.

How to feel confident reading charts for clients

With monthly classes on chart reading skills, as well a monthly workshop to study charts that you’ve been working on, you’ll feel your confidence soar in no time. 

How to get clients for your astrology services

Some of you may wish to offer your astrological services to others. Learn practical, effective marketing skills for getting clients in our business classes.


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  • Live Moon Circles & Forecasts
  • Live Monthly Masterclass
  • Live Astrological Book Club
  • Monthly Journal Prompts
  • Monthly Astrological Elections
  • Live Moon Circles & Forecasts
  • Live Monthly Masterclass
  • Live Astrological Book Club
  • Monthly Journal Prompts
  • Monthly Astrological Elections
  • Save 50% on Astrology Consultations with Cat
  • 2 FREE MONTHS – Save $56 


If you have any questions about the Astrology Circle, please don’t hesitate to email me: