Business Coaching
with astrology

This unique coaching package is designed to start from your specific blueprint that was mapped out in the sky, the moment you were born. From there, we can work together to discover what you’re here to create, and overcome any obstacles that have been in your way.

Each 1:1 online meeting integrates your birth chart and advice for working with current transits to gain clarity, confidence and achieve your creative business goals.

I’ll also work with electional astrology to find the best times for you to take action (from sending emails to launching products to posting on social media.)

Having the helping hands of the divine cosmos to guide us from the beginning is what sets this approach apart from standard coaching processes. What I’ve learned from astrology, is that the amount of ground we can cover in one hour of discussing your birth chart and transits, is worth hours and hours of regular coaching alone. The language of the wandering stars is immensely useful for bringing clarity to our life experiences, our desires, drives and our calling.

Let’s say you’re in the early stages of setting up an online creative business. You want to sell your hand lettering services, and some prints on an online store. You still have a day job, and are limited on time. Not to mention, you have a tendency to judge yourself on the harsh side, and get overwhelmed by the technical side of setting up online.

These are the kinds of goals (setting up your online store) and challenges (self-criticism, lack of time) we might talk about on our first call. In each session, I’ll help you to get clear on what you’re dealing with, and weed-whack any obstacles that might be in your way of the path.

I’ll also look to the sky for guidance. It might be that you’re experiencing a hard aspect from a planet that speaks to your being extra hard on yourself right now. We can look to see what lessons that planet might have for you, as well as a time-frame for when you can expect this challenge to pass, or ease off.

Each session we’ll end our conversation by setting at least one clear action step for you to try before we next speak. My job between our calls is to be your accountability buddy, encouraging your progress and helping you with anything that is getting in your way. You’re free to email me at any time, and I’ll be sure to get back within 24 hours.

Over the course of our time together, you might also want to elect a date and time to launch that creative project you’re working on. And whaddya know, astrology can help with that too! I can use the sky to figure out the best time within your time frame to hit “send” on that email, or go live with your new website or product.


Intensive Business x Astrology Coaching Program

$555 USD

This includes five x 60 minute online calls held on Zoom. You can choose to take these calls every two, three or four weeks. During that time, you’ll also have priority email support from Cat, and receive regular accountability check-ins via email.

If you have any questions about coaching, please don’t hesitate to email: hello@catroseastrology.com