I’ve hesitated to talk about this partly because I don’t like to dwell on my own sob stories unless I think I can be helpful, and up till now, I don’t think I’ve been confident I can do that with anxiety. The other reason is my own… denial. Denial that I could be feeling anything less than perky and enthusiastic, and denying that to myself let alone podcast listeners. Oh and of course, my fear that I can even talk about anxiety because I haven’t personally experienced an anxiety attack/panic attack.
But I think it’s all relative, and if more of us are willing to talk about this stuff, the better we can support each other and manage these inner shit-storms.
The reason I’m finally getting around to talking about this and think it might be a helpful episode, is because of a couple of other podcasts I listened to in the past week, which revealed some misunderstanding on the part of the podcasters about introversion, high sensitivity and social anxiety.
In the podcasts, which had some great info in them btw, it seemed to me that all three tendencies were getting clumped together.
And whilst I do think overlap between introversion, HS and anxiety occur quite frequently in one person, I really don’t like the idea of confusing one for another. I don’t think it’s helpful.
I’ve spoken a lot about introversion before, a little about HS – but not about anxiety. Hopefully in this episode I can clear up some misconceptions about the links between these traits and issues, and maybe even offer some advice I’ve found helpful for managing my own anxiety.

I discuss:

  • My story with anxiety
  • Defining anxiety
  • Types of anxiety
  • Why we get it
  • Anxiety and introversion
  • Anxiety and high sensitivity
  • How to handle anxiety

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