crochet bunny tutorial
crochet bunny work in progress

Agghhh! My first fun fail.
Ok: not a 100% fail, but an… incomplete challenge.
Last week’s fun assignment was… to crochet a bunny.

I was so relieved! Finally something that cost me next to nothing, didn’t require booking anything or even leaving the house.
And at first, all went swimmingly. I found a Youtube tutorial – that was all in French (I didn’t understand a word of it, but it happened to be the best I found) and got going. It was quite lovely.

Until… I ran out of yarn.
And… All week I didn’t get round to buying more. D’oh!

Lesson learnt: buy the yarn before taking the crochet challenge.
But like I said: this isn’t a total fail. I have every intention to finish up this poor bunny this week, and will keep you posted on my progress. My niece will receive her crocheted bunny rabbit!

My work-in-progress fun rating: 7/10

What’s interesting to me is how it proved just how much I benefit from external accountability.
I know I need internal motivation to inspire me: to get me started. Internal motivation is what excites me, pulls on my purpose triggers and without it: I wouldn’t consider doing something.
You might be the same, especially if you’re an introvert. You know how it feels to have a flash of inspiration, to go somewhere or do something, and it doesn’t seem to come from anywhere in particular. No one told you to do it; you didn’t read about it in a book, at least not that you can remember: it just… floats into your consciousness.
Anyway, that’s where the majority of my ideas come from: and certainly the ones that seem to work out the best for me.
But to follow though on these flashes of inspiration, I won’t deny that some external motivation is a massive help at moving me to take action and finish.
Recently, going to classes at a local gym has been surprisingly easy and enjoyable; much more so than my attempts to drag my behind to do a solo workout. Even if I do make it to the gym to work out alone, I’m quick to let myself off the hook or create – very imaginative – excuses as to why I can’t find the time.
Magically, when I’ve booked into a class and – more importantly – I know my friend will be there – I don’t even question not showing up.
This is why I think Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies are fascinating: because they explain behaviour like this. They explain why some of us are more likely to do something when others hold us accountable, and others are more likely to do something when they know why.
But it can also get confusing.
For example, my conclusion is that I’m a Questioner but you might think I’m an Obliger. My theory is that what appears to be Obliger behaviour (going to the gym being easier when I have an expectant friend and a class booked) is actually the result of my Questioner logic.
I know this because I don’t respond well to being asked to do things or suggested to do things when I can’t see the point or the rationale behind it. My Questioner mind gets the last say, basically.


Now – onto next week’s fun!
Ok this one is not coming from the Jar of Fun because… I’ve already agreed to it. It is in the jar, but I got extra keen after a chat with a friend, who has agreed to accompany me in this weeks fun assignment.
Which is… drum roll… Improv comedy.
Now let me get one thing clear: Improvising ANYTHING is my idea of embarrassment hell. Anxiety saturation: 110%.
I don’t know what’s going to happen, I might just have a breakdown and walk out like the Charleston class… who knows. But I guess you’ll find out next week.